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The Bodymind Institute began in 2010 when it identified a need of therapeutic professionals, who had previously received training in EMDR, but wanted additional training in its protocol before implementing it with their patients.


The Bodymind Institute is a board certified provider of mental health training in Integration Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) and Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR). These therapies provide a somatic "bottom up" tool (i.e. IBSR), and cognitive "top down" tool (i.e. EMDR).  Using IBSR first and then finishing up with EMDR for cognitive restructuring will dramatically increase results in a fraction of the time. The Bodymind Institute is a renowned provider of training in IBSR, led by Judi Moolten, its developer. Read more about Judi here .


IBSR can be used effectively to treat PTSD, Traumatic Injury, anxiety, panic, stress, chronic pain issues, repetitive behaviors and addiction. Training provided by the Bodymind Institute is eligible for continuing education credits. Training hours can also be applied to individual certification in IBSR or EMDR or towards a dual IBSR/EMDR certification. Trainings are conveniently offered in one, two, or three day formats.




"I didn't believe that EMDR with IBSR could help me relieve the physical trauma I have held for over 20 years. It did. I can't believe it is finally gone."


Shelly - LICSW, EMDR L2 facilitator, OHIO

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