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I want to share two stories that have impressed me about how powerful IBSR can be.  One was a woman I worked with who had agoraphobia.  We did IBSR.  She went home.  She did not leave her house until our next appointment because she was afraid of being afraid.  When she came for her follow-up appointment, she had the biggest grin on her face.  She was so shocked and pleased to report that she had had no anxiety on her drive to my office.  She said she felt a little mad at herself that she had allowed herself to stay in her "prison" not knowing the door was open.  She has since met her husband for lunch, gone to the mall, and walked her dog through the neighborhood!


The other story is about a client who has had severe alcohol and substance abuse issues.  His wife was threatening to leave.  He wasn't sure what to do.  I suggested we do IBSR.  He was willing to try anything.  In phase 6 when asked what he wanted or needed, he answered with conviction, "I need to see afar off!"  He just kept repeating it.  He said he couldn't explain how deeply he felt the need to see afar off.  He came in for his follow-up, I could hardly recognize him.  He looked different.  I can't really explain how.  He sat down and he started talking and he was brimming with all that he had been thinking about.  Most of what he said had to do with seeing afar off.  He came to understand that he needed to visualize a future.  He had never in his life been able to imagine a future.  "I couldn't get a handle on my addictions, because I could not see beyond my nose.  I never thought I was worth it."


Judi, my clients thank you and I thank you for this wonderful tool.  I will continue working to improve my skills.





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